Rules of residence at “Elena” hotel

Our receptionists, unfortunately, do not speak English, we apologize for any inconvenience. For any questions in English you may contact us by e-mail:

  1. Stay at our hotel is possible only in case of availability of a passport of Russian Federation. In the absence of a passport, another document will be taken by the receptionist on the security (service certificate, international passport, driving license). Important: the receptionist has a right to refuse providing a room to a guest in the absence of a passport.
  2. Foreign citizens should have a national ID or another document to prove their identity.
  3. When checking in, the receptionist makes a copy of a passport, issues a payment receipt, and gives the bed linen and the keys.
  4. Washing powder, soap, toilet paper, air freshener and electric light bulbs are free of charge and are given upon the request of a guest.
  5. Apartment cleaning and disinfection are done after guest’s departure. During the stay at the hotel, cleaning can be done only on the request of a guest.
  6. There is laundry service for bed linen washing and ironing.
  7. The bed linen is given to a guest during check-in without additional charge. A guest is allowed to use his own bed linen; the room price will not be reduced in such case. All the beds are made in the rooms of category “Luxe”.
  8. Bed linen is changed at least once a week upon the request of a guest.
  9. Guests can be evicted from the hotel in case of violation of the public order, violation of the rules of residence, unsanitary room condition, presence of other people in the apartment after 11 pm local time, loud and noisy conduct after 11 pm, in case of written complaints from neighbors. In such cases, the receptionist must reimburse the expenses to the guest, with the deduction of services rendered and the cost of property damage. Administrative sanctions and criminal proceedings can be instituted against public order violators.
  10. There is no access to paid phone service in the apartments.
  11. Check-out time is the same as check-in time, but not later than 8 pm, and not earlier than 9 am Check-out time is registered in the receipt.
  12. If a guest intends to check-out at night or early in the morning, he may leave the key at the box located in the office building, 1st floor. There is a door near elevator with Russian inscription “ИНВЕНТАРЬ”, and the key may be dropped into the hole.
  13. Important: Check-in is not possible at night time even with prepaid booking. In case the guest did not check-in before 9 pm, the payment may not be refunded. Hotel working hours are from 9 am to 9 pm
  14. Important: If a guest intends to extend his stay, the payment must be made before 12 pm regardless of check-out time. The receptionist has a right to offer the apartment to other guests and receive their payment after 12 pm
  15. The guest, who fails to pay for extension before 12 pm, must vacate the apartment by check-out time registered in the receipt. The extension is possible only if the apartment is not booked by other guests.
  16. If a guest stays for at least 24 hours and extends his stay for additional time, the hourly payment can be made at the cost of 200 rubles per extra hour, and the total sum shall not exceed the full cost of the apartment per night.
  17. If a guest stays for less than 24 hours and is planning to check-out earlier, the remaining payment may not be refunded. The minimum stay is 24 hours.
  18. Hourly stay is possible only until 8 pm. In case of later check-out, the guest will be charged with a full cost of the apartment per night.

         Example: if a guest intends to check-out at 11 pm instead of 8 pm, he will have to pay the full cost of the apartment per night, and not for the three hours.

  1. If an apartment was booked and paid for in advance by the third party, stay extension is not possible. In controversial cases, preference is given to those, who paid for the apartment first.
  2. In case of advanced reservation, with a specific check-in time, 30 minutes delay is considered as a cancellation of the reservation.
  3. We no longer provide short-term stay service.
  4. Hotel management guarantees that the apartment condition conforms to all sanitary standards and fire safety regulations; disinfection is performed during every cleaning.
  5. This kind of service does not require any license or certification, and is carried out on the basis of the Certificate of Registration for sole-proprietorship. Certificate of compliance of our services with existing rules and regulations is obtained through voluntary certification and may be found at our office.
  6. Hotel management kindly requests that guests inform them of any technical, decorative or any other damages occurring in the apartments in order to resolve the problems at the short period of time.
  7. Price policy of the hotel is subject to change depending on the seasonal demand, official price indexation and inflation. Prices cannot be changed for those guests, who already stay in the apartments on the day of a price change, i.e. in case of the stay extension; the price for them will be left unchanged.
  8. In force-majeure situations, if it becomes impossible to stay in an apartment due to an accident, emergency, electric or heating failure, the hotel management must reimburse the money for the rest of the term in case of departure or offer a guest to move to another apartment, if there is one available.
  9. If a guest decides to vacate the apartment prior to the term initially agreed, he will be reimbursed for the rest of the term. In the meantime, the guest must fill the application form for the money reimbursement.
  10. If a guest, who paid for his stay, is not satisfied with the quality and condition of the apartment offered to him, he has a right to refuse to stay by informing the receptionist within 30 minutes after receiving the key. If a guest stays in the apartment for longer than 30 minutes, as well as the bed linen and towels are used, the payment could be recalculated on the hourly basis (paragraph #21).
  11. The full range of bookkeeping and accounting documents is processed and issued by the receptionist before guest’s departure. Please, arrange the time of the meeting with a receptionist considering hotel working hours and the time needed to issue documents.
  12. The guaranteed reservation is only possible for the rooms of category “Luxe”. The guest must pay the full price of the apartment for one night. The rooms of the category “Luxe” can be booked online via our website: ru. If a guest intends to reserve a room of other categories, then the call request must be made one day before arrival.
  13. The reservation made via phone call or without payment does not guarantee the availability of the room.
  14. Valuable goods can be left in a safe located in the management office, free of charge, along with the list of goods. The management is fully responsible for any belongings left in a safe. Valuable goods can only be returned to the guest personally. Any receipt presented by the third party does not enable it to get the goods. The exception is a notarized letter of attorney.
  15. In case of a key-loss, the guest will have to pay a fine for each key (including a door phone key), and a key ring. Duplicate keys can be obtained from the manager and are issued only if the deposit is paid.
  16. Material damage, caused by the guest and not compensated by him, is a reason for initiation of a criminal case or a civil lawsuit.
  17. Important: the hotel management is not responsible for the goods, left in the apartments. If any belongings left in the apartment are found, the hotel management will take actions to ensure the safe storage upon the request of an owner. Belongings are kept for three months only, if no request was made by the owner, after that, belongings will be disposed.
  18. Hotel management kindly requests that guests do not leave any valuable goods or documents in the apartment during their absence.
  19. Phone to contact the hotel manager: 8-9О4-144-72-01 (SMS only, no calls are possible). Please leave us complaints or suggestions.